Exploration Stations


Air Pressure

Students see the power of this invisible gas with the help of vortex generators and our special vacuum pump.


Bubble Science

Learn about how these soapy spheres are made and try creating one bigger than you!


Center of Gravity

Explore gravity by balancing birds, stacking \nrobots, and testing your own balance!


Circuits and Static Electricity

Students are “shocked” to learn how electricity \nworks all around us as they experience the \nVan De Graaf Generator.


CSI: Forensics

Discover detective science with real methods used by forensic scientists, such as fingerprinting and handwriting analysis.



Youngsters will dig this station as they turn into assistant paleontologists with a mini dinosaur dig that will engage their attention, as well as their scientific skills.


Dry Ice

This very “cool” station has screaming screwdrivers, shivering quarters, foggy bubbles, and more!


Flight and Aeronautics

Soar into this station all about flying machines and the forces that act upon them.


Heat and Conductivity

We will harness some heat as we excite molecules, learn about thermometers, and create a hot air balloon in this dynamic station.


Insides Out

Study the science of your insides! Discover how our hearts sound using real stethoscopes and take a look at how our bones hold us together.


Lights, Lenses, and Lasers

Laser mazes, catching shadows and bending light, are just a few of the exciting activities students perform to become “enlightened”.


Marvelous Magnets

Students will find themselves attracted to this table, learning what makes metal magnetic and the invisible patterns they can make.


Measuring and Metrics

See how mass, volume, and metrics are sometimes more than meets the eye. We think this station really measures up.


Mechanics and Machines

Launch into fun while learning about simple machines including gears, pulleys, and catapults.


Mirror Mirror

Come see this station all about light. Explore such optic topics as refraction, diffraction, and reflection!


Molecules Matter

Students will explore the density, chemistry, and buoyancy of the building blocks of our universe.


Optical Illusions

Don’t let your mind fool you with these brainbending illusions!


Physics in Motion

Investigate motion by experimenting with gyroscopes, penny centrifuges, even mini tornadoes!


Response and Adaptation

Ever wonder how creatures adapt to their environments? We answer this question with the help of squirmy friends.


Stretchy Science

Get your hands on a batch of stretchy, bouncy, and sticky polymers.


Sound Science

Experience how vibrations are the key to hearing as students create sounds through solids, liquids, and gases.


Wind and Weather

Mini meteorologists discover how hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms develop.

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